Monthly Update: Membership and Communications (June/July)

Wrapping up this year’s AfP Annual Conference, Exploring New Frontiers in Peacebuilding, AfP has published its 2014 Annual Conference Report. The Report provides an executive summary and a breakdown of each conference theme, along with notes and video from relevant sessions. AfP has also begun planning for our 2015 Annual Conference and has chosen the conference dates. The 2015 AfP Annual Conference will be held May 13th to 15th. Look for further 2015 conference developments in the next monthly update!

In June, AfP published information and over fifty resources for the Women and Peacebuilding Affinity Group’s Diamond Women’s Peace and Leadership Training Circle. Stay tuned for announcements on the next speaker event for the Women’s Affinity Group Speaker Series: Conversations with Extraordinary Women!

In early July, Emily Mallozzi, Membership and Outreach Manager, began her three month maternity leave and will return in early October. During Emily’s absence, Ursala Knudsen-Latta, AfP’s newest Program Associate, will be handling Emily’s membership responsibilities. Ursala is a recent Master’s graduate of American University’s International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program, and has been with AfP since January of this year.

Most recently, thanks to AfP member Nathalie Al-Zyoud’s interest and effort, AfP has officially launched the International Mediators Community Practice affinity group. More information on AfP’s newest affinity can be found by signing up to its mailing list here. All AfP members are invited to join the IMCP affinity group.


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