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Female-run Syrian TV Seeks to Empower Women

Nisan Ahmado, VOA

July 14, 2018
Nato: women are being drawn into terrorism in return for food and water

Jane Dudman, The Guardian

June 15, 2018
Involve Women in Terrorism Prevention

Irine Hiraswari Gayatri, The Jakarta Post

June 7, 2018
Women and Violent Extremism

Jayanthi Devi Balaguru, Rappler

May 27, 2018
Gendering Counterterrorism: How to, and How Not to – Part II

Fionnuala Ní Aoláin and Jayne Huckerby, Just Security
May 4, 2018
Gendering Counterterrorism: How to, and How Not to – Part I

Fionnuala Ní Aoláin and Jayne Huckerby, Just Security
May 1, 2018
NGO engages mothers to counter radicalisation

Jaideep Sarin, The Week

March 30, 2018
Experts to US Lawmakers: Women Are Untapped Resource in Countering Extremism

Nisan Ahmado, Voice of America

March 3, 2018
From the Ground Up: A Preliminary Dialogue on the Nexus of Economic Policy, Gender and Violent Extremism

Sanam Anderlini and Melinda Holmes, ICAN

Education, Identity and Rising Extremism: From Preventing Violent Extremism to Promoting Peace, Reslience, Equal Rights and Pluralism

Sanam Anderlini, ICAN

Africa: Life After Al-Shabaab – A Returnee Puts the Pieces Together

Cassidy Parker, All Africa

December 5, 2017
Women are vital in the fight against terrorism- finally people are recognizing this

Jamille Bigio, Newsweek

October 22, 2017
Why Women Leaders are Essential to the Continued Fight Against ISIS

Christina Gay, DipNote

September 5, 2017
Recognising women’s roles in countering violent extremism

Katrina Lee-Koo and Jacqui True, The Interpreter

August 28, 2017
The role of women in preventing violent extremism in Asia

Jacqui True, East Asia Forum

August 26, 2017
100 female soldiers, police for Marawi deployment

Dempsey Reyes, Manila Times

August 22, 2017
Peace Is Not An Overnight Miracle: Everyone Needs To Contribute To Build Peace

Genalyn Kabiling and Roy Mabasa, Manila Bulletin

August 9, 2017
A Kenyan Approach to Preventing Violent Extremism

Fauziya Ali, World Policy Blog

August 8, 2017
Shaheen’s Bipartisan Legislation Passes Senate that Promotes Women’s Participation in Peacebuilding

In Depth NH

August 4, 2017
Is the UN sending the wrong people to keep the peace?

Azad Essa, Al Jazeera

August 4, 2017
For a healthier society and a culture of tolerance

Nadine Sayegh, The Jordan Times

August 3, 2017
Empowering Women to Break the Jihadi Cycle

Krithika Varagur, New York Times

June 20, 2017
The countering violent extremism agenda risks undermining women who need greater support

Anna Moller-Loswick, Saferworld

April 26, 2017
To Fight Violent Extremism, Security Sector Must Include More Women

Camilla Bognoe, News Deeply

March 29, 2017
Why Women Are Crucial to Fighting Radicalization in Afghanistan

Odharnait Ansbro, News Deeply

March 21, 2017
More Than Just Mothers: The Changing Roles of Women in Extremism

Flora Bagenal, News Deeply

March 15, 2017
Women, Violent Extremism and the Internet: Empowering Prevention; Dealing with Risk


March 01, 2017
From East London to Kenya: The Women Waging War on Extremism

Flora Bagenal

March 01, 2017
Violent Extremism and the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda: Recommendations for the Trump Administration

US Civil Society Working Group on Women, Peace and Security

January 2017
Cruel Intentions: Female Jihadists in America

Audrey Alexander, GWU

November 2016
How Communities Resist Violent Extremism
Lauren Van Metre, USIP
December 2, 2016
Afghan Women and Violent Extremism
Sadaf Lakhani and Belquis Ahmadi, USIP
November 2016
Women in Extremist Movements: Not Just Passive Victims

Sadaf Lakhani and Belquis Ahmadi, USIP

November 30, 2016
Gendered alternatives: the role of women in peace and security in Rojava
Utrecht University
November 28, 2016
Why Women Are the Missing Link in Countering Extremism

Amy Calfas, Fair Observer

October 27, 2016
ISIS Makes Sex Slavery Key Tactic of Terrorism

Fred Strasser, USIP

October 06, 2016
Women’s Emergence as Terrorists in France Points to Shift in ISIS Gender Roles

 Alissa J. Rubin and Aurelien Breeden, New York Times

October 01, 2016
The women who love Boko Haram

Chika Oduah, Al Jazeera

September 22, 2016
PM seeks enlarged space for women for better future

The Daily Star

September 21, 2016
Women, Gender and Terrorism:Gendered Aspects of Radicalization
and Recruitment
Jeannette Gaudry Haynie, Women in International Security
September 15, 2016
Remarks on Women and Countering Violent Extremism

Sarah Sewall, Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights

September 12, 2016
Engaging Women to Help Combat Extremism

Amy Calfas, Fair Observer

August 1, 2016
Development’s Gender Gap: The Case for More Funding for Women and Girls

Rachel Vogelstein, Foreign Affairs

July 26, 2016
Raising Women’s Voices in Syria’s War

Rasha Elass, Middle East Institute

July 20, 2016
What Say do Women Have in Kenya’s Peace and Security?

Irene Ndungu, ISS Nairobi

July 19, 2016
Newcomer Kitchen Cooks Up Business Venture for Syrian Refugee Women

Andree Lau, Huffington Post

July 11, 2016
Expert’s Take: Is Funding for Gender-Responsive Peacebuilding Pie in the Sky?

Sarah Douglas, UN Women’s Peace and Security Division

July 12, 2016
From Policy to Action: Advancing an Integrated Approach to Women and Countering Violent Extremism

Rafia Bhulai, Allison Peters, and Christina Nemr, Global Center on Cooperative Security

June 2016
Gender and Community Security

Hannah Wright, Julie Brethfeld, and Zarina Khan, Saferworld

June 2016
Defying Extremism: Gendered Responses to Religious Violence

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice

Updated Intermittently

Countering Violent Extremism Depends on Women

Jillian Slutzker, Creative Associates International

Apr 19, 2016
Kidnapped to Kill: How Boko Haram is Turning Girls into Weapons

Brent Swails and David McKenzie, CNN

Apr 13, 2016
Women and Preventing Violent Extremism at the Grassroots Level

Kristen Cordell, War on the Rocks

Apr 6, 2016
A Man’s World? Exploring the Roles of Women in Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism

Naureen Chowdhury Fink Sara Zeiger and Rafia Bhulai, Global Center on Cooperative Security

Apr 2016
Uncomfortable Truths, Unconventional Wisdoms: Women’s Perspectives on Violent Extremism & Security Interventions
Sanam Anderlini, WASL Briefs
Mar 2016
Women and Violent Radicalization in Jordan

UN Women

March 2016
Women and Countering Violent Extremism

Sarah Sewall, Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights

Mar 17, 2016
Feminism Assessing Terrorism (or How to Slay a New Dragon)

Fionnuala Ní Aoláin

Mar 14, 2016
To Defeat ISIS, Listen to the Women

Tara Sonenshine, The Hill

Feb 1, 2016
Extremism in the Mainstream: Implications for and Actions by Women

Sanam Anderlini and Madeline Koch, WASL

Charting a New Course: Women Preventing Extremism

United States Institute of Peace

How ordinary people decide to become terrorists

Jennifer Williams, VOX

Nov 20, 2015
UN calls for women’s engagement in countering violent extremism: but at what cost?

Sophie Giscard d’Estaing, Open Democracy

Nov 9, 2015
Faith in Islam & Faith in Women: Why Gender Justice is Key to an Islam Without Extremes

Zainab Bangura, International Crisis Group

Oct 30, 2015
‘It’s up to us to stop these Muslim girls making the worst mistake of their lives’

Alex Preston, The Guardian

Oct 28, 2015
Preventing violent extremism: a noose that is both too tight and too loose

Rahila Gupta, Open Democracy

Oct 26, 2015
The UN Security Council’s New Resolution on Women, Peace, and Security

Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Just Security

Oct 15, 2015
Women’s Alliance Plans to Counter Violent Extremism

Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service

Oct 6, 2015
Life in the ‘Islamic State’: Women

Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post

Oct 1, 2015
Investing in Education and Young People to Counter Violent Extremism


Sept 30, 2015
The Complexities of Women, Peace, Security and Countering Violent Extremism

Jayne Huckerby, Just Security

Sept 24, 2015
To Fight Extremism, the World Needs to Learn How to Talk to Women

Carla Koppell, Foreign Policy

Aug 12, 2015
Extremism: Inviting the Right Guests to the Table

Erkin Abakirov and Ragini Menon, Search for Common Ground

Aug 12, 2015
Women and Violent Extremism: A Growing Threat Demands Concerted Action

Fred Strasser, USIP

Aug 3, 2015
Women Under ISIS Rule: From Brutality to Recruitment – witness testimony in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee

Kathleen Kuestnar, Director of Gender Programs, USIP

Jul 28, 2015
Conflict and Extremist-Related Sexual Violence: An International Security Threat

Kerry Crawford, USIP

Jul 28, 2015
Breaking the Gender Barrier for Effective CVE Solutions

Roman Terehoff, Creative Solutions International

Jul 27, 2015
Why are young women drawn to extremism?

Irene Ndungu, ISS Nairobi

Jun 26, 2015
10 More Ways Syrian Women Are Building Peace and Democracy

Kristin Williams, The Institute for Inclusive Security

Jun 9, 2015
3 Myths About Women and Violent Extremism

Russell Porter and Kristen Cordell, USAID

Jul 20, 2015
Resilience for Women Countering Violent Extremism

Georgia Holmer, United States Institute of Peace

Mar 6, 2015
Different Roles of Women in Countering Violent Extremism

Naureen Chowdhury Fink and Sara Zeiger, Hedayah

Feb 2015
What Really Scares Terrorists 

Michael Soussan and Elizabeth Weingarten, CNN

Dec 26, 2014
Webcast: Countering Violent Extremism in Pakistan: Why Women Must Have a Role

The Atlantic Council

Apr 2, 2014
Extremism as Mainstream: Implications for Women, Development & Security in the MENA/Asia Region

International Civil Society Action Network for Women’s Rights, Peace and Security

Spring 2014
10 Ways Syrian Women Are Building Peace and Democracy

Kristin Williams, The Institute for Inclusive Security

Feb 21, 2014


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