AfP Kicks Off PEC III with Its Key Partners

April 28, 2017
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The Alliance for Peacebuilding convened a meeting of the Principals of the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium (CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, Search for Common Ground, and Mercy Corps) on the 20th April to kick-off Phase III of this initiative. PEC is a project funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York aimed at achieving a fieldwide improvement in the practice of monitoring and evaluation in the field of peacebuilding.  Whilst previous phases of the initiative have led to the production of guidance, tools and materials to help practitioners improve their practice, Phase III focuses on activities that will help overcoming the barriers to adoption of these practices and bring about a culture change within organizations engaged in peacebuilding.

During the meeting the participants reflected on the lessons learned from PEC II and how we can improve our internal processes and our external engagement. We also discussed the following items:

  1. Evaluating the performance of PEC II
  2. Reviewing PEC III activities
  3. Improving collaboration between partners

Through the work of PEC III, AfP together with the other Principals, will implement new activities that support the uptake and adoption of the recommended practices in organizations. The main pillar of PEC III are:

Strengthening Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Practice in an Era of Adaptive Learning:

We will further develop, refine and disseminate a set of practical Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DM&E) Standards; upgrade the DME for peace website; expanded the Coaching for Peace & Development Mentorship Program; pilot a training program incorporating the tools produced by the Consortium and design and deliver a webinar course on peacebuilding evaluation.

Better Evidence for Better Peacebuilding:

To better capture evidence and whole-of-field learning for better peacebuilding we will complete subsector reviews of existing evidence; gather new evidence from program evaluations; undertake cross-learning evaluation, test PEC tools in a peer organization; build on the Cape Town Co-Design Workshop; create data visualizations and summaries of evidence on peacebuilding impact and effectiveness; and present evidence for learning at a wide range of conferences/events.

Mobilizing Leaders and Key Policymakers as Advocates and Allies in Peacebuilding DM&E:

We will engage key leaders of organizations in our field to help the adoption of recommended practices, shift the culture from accountability to learning, develop more evidence-based peacebuilding practice; and encourage program staff within government to adopt a strong learning agenda.

The following PEC principals participated in the PEC III Kick-Off Meeting:

  • Melanie Greenberg, Alliance for Peacebuilding, President and CEO
  • Elizabeth Hume, Alliance for Peacebuilding, Senior Director for Programs and Strategy
  • Nick Oatley, Alliance for Peacebuilding, Special Advisor, Learning and Evaluation
  • Peter Woodrow, CDA Collaborative, Executive Director
  • Jack Farrell, Search for Common Ground, Project Manager
  • Madeline Rose, Mercy Corps, Senior Policy Advisor