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This page is reserved for peacebuilding organizations to highlight career opportunities. To share an opportunity, please contact Adam Wolf at adam@allianceforpeacebuilding.org.

December 12

Career Opportunities

The position of Executive Director is new and is seen by the President and the Board of Directors as the primary manager of PartnersGlobal, working closely with the leadership of the Partners Network, reporting directly to the President.

As PartnersGlobal is undergoing important strategic changes, the Executive Director will work closely with the President to oversee the future of PartnersGlobal primary business activities; with responsibilities to work with the senior staff on designing strategic initiatives and programs, developing and maintaining priority relationships with partner organizations (both international and local), and overseeing fundraising and new business development. To learn more about this position and apply, click here.

The Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) team at PartnersGlobal creates partnerships between governments, civil society and the security and defense sector to strengthen and sustain democratic governance and peacefully manage change at all levels of society throughout the sub-continent. This is accomplished through capacity-building and conflict management initiatives that focus on improving accountable governance and strengthening citizen security through multi-stakeholder engagement. The Administrative and Finance Assistant is responsible for providing administrative and financial support to the SSA staff, ensuring smooth and timely flow of work. He/She will also support Partners West Africa Centers in Senegal and Nigeria as well as PartnersGlobal’s subgrantees in Guinea, Senegal and Burkina Faso. Learn more about the position here.

The Development and Administration Officer will be responsible for supporting Peace Direct’s fundraising, administration and outreach efforts in the U.S. This is an exciting time for Peace Direct, as their advocacy, and program work is expanding and are looking for a dynamic, passionate professional who is able to manage multiple priorities and tasks, to help their
team achieve great things. This is an ideal job for someone who cares passionately about peace and international issues, and who wants to make a real difference by applying their skills and expertise to fundraising, advocacy, and administration. To learn more about this position and apply, click here.

The Director of Planning and Evaluation facilitates development of annual and long-term planning, monitoring and evaluation process in alignment with American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Strategic Plan. Working with the General Secretary, and senior leadership, the Director develops an organization wide action plan/roadmap with clear measurable goals and outcome metrics.

In cooperation with AFSC program staff members, the director (a) develops and documents appropriate planning, monitoring and evaluation standards and policies for use by AFSC; (b) develops techniques for creating both qualitative and quantitative program evaluation methods and (c) ensures that all staff members in the AFSC are competent in using the approved planning, monitoring and evaluation model. To learn more and apply, click here.

The Center for Civilians in Armed Conflict is seeking to fill multiple new positions based in Washington, DC, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. To learn more about each position and apply, click on the corresponding title below:
Director, Africa Program – Washington, DC
Program Officer – Kramatorsk, Ukraine
Program Officer – Aden, Yemen
Program Officer – Marib, Yemen
Operations Manager – Yemen (Based in Amman, Jordan)

Fellowships, Consultancies, and Other Opportunities

The Scoville Fellowship offers six to nine month salaried positions with more than two dozen think tanks and advocacy groups. Scoville Fellows are supervised by senior-level staff members at the host institutions and may work on a range of issues including nuclear and conventional arms control and nonproliferation, conflict prevention and resolution, diplomacy, and environmental and energy security. Scoville accepts applicants for fall and spring cycles. The deadline to apply for a Scoville Peace Fellowship in the fall is January 5, 2018. Accepted fellows will begin between July 15 and October 1, 2018. To learn more and apply, please visit www.scoville.org.

December 5

Career Opportunities

The American Friends Service Committee is seeking a Assistant Regional Director (AARD) to be a key member of the West Regional management team. This position will assist the Regional Director in providing strategic and creative leadership in the West Region, a 13-state area in which there are 11 programs. To learn more about this position and apply, click here.

The Quaker United Nations Office in New York is currently accepting Programme Assistant applications for the 2018-19 year, focusing on their peacebuilding and prevention of violent conflict programmes. The application deadline is Friday, 26 January, 2018. To learn more about this position and apply, click here.

International Alert is seeking a Peacebuilding Portfolio Manager located in Bukavu, DRC. The Peacebuilding Portfolio Manager is a senior management position within Alert’s DRC programme and reports directly to the Country Manager. Learn more about the position here.

International Alert is seeking a Head of Economic Development for Peace, located in London, UK. As part of the Peacebuilding Advisory Unit (PAU), the incumbent will provide global leadership, advocacy and expertise on topics relevant to peacebuilding and collaborate with their country teams to ensure high quality and effective programming. To learn more and apply, click here.

The Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding program (MSP) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is recruiting for a faculty member to teach in the areas of complex systems and community-based monitoring, evaluation and learning. The position may be at either at a tenure-track research faculty level (Research-oriented) or at the indefinite-track professional staff level (Practitioner-oriented). They are particularly interested in individuals with field experience at the community level. More information about the MSP is available at msp.uwm.edu, or by contacting Timothy Ehlinger at Ehlinger@uwm.edu. The job postings are available here (tenure-track) and here (indefinite-track). Please note that this recruitment is being conducted as part of the general faculty search in the College of Nursing. As such, it is important to note that the successful applicant does not need to be a nurse.

Fellowships, Consultancies, and Other Opportunities

The Carter Center has multiple Technical Advisor assignments available in South Sudan, Chad, Mali, and Ethiopia. Technical Advisors (TA) provide technical and managerial support (on behalf of The Carter Center) to Ministry of Health Guinea Worm Eradication Programs in South Sudan, Chad, Mali and Ethiopia within a specific coverage area (county or district). Technical advisors are responsible for the implementation and oversight of all interventions to stop Guinea Worm disease transmission within their given program coverage area. TA are primarily supervised by National Coordinators for the country GWEPs, The Carter Center’s Country Representative and Deputy Country Representative, and more regularly and directly by Regional Senior Technical Advisors.

TA are independent contractors and as such are offered short term contracts up to 180 days (6 months). A contractor may be offered multiple successive contracts over time. The contract provides a daily honorarium commensurate with experience and education. The daily honorarium can vary, however, the starting rate per day is usually US $150.00. The contract also provides a daily rate to provide for accommodation, meals and incidentals. The transportation costs (transatlantic flights, in country flights and land movement) are provided as well. These positions will be based in rural remote field settings, with 80% of the time spent will be working within villages. TA must be willing and able to walk long distances, perform effectively in a rural remote environment with limited access to resources/infrastructure, spend a minimum of 80% percent of time outdoors in a hot climate, and have the ability to work and make responsible, effective decisions in a challenging environment.
Click here to view the full job description and application instructions.

Insight on Conflict provides information on local peacebuilding organisations in areas of conflict. It features profiles of over 1,400 organisations around the world, as well as blog posts and key resources on peacebuilding.

Peace Direct is currently seeking Local Peacebuilding Experts to report on peacebuilding work in: Haiti, Mali, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, and Tunisia.
Click here to view the full job description and application instructions.