AfP and Shift Host Countering Violent Extremism Summit

In August, AfP partnered with The Shift Network to host a summit discussing questions regarding countering violent […]

AfP Seeks Neuroscience, Spirituality & Peacebuilding Intern

August 12, 2016
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AfP is seeking a creative, highly motivated student to assist with conducting the comprehensive mapping of the field, as well as supporting the work of the working groups and the overall project. The candidate should have familiarity with the literature on peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

AfP Convenes Mali Affinity Group on July 27th

On July 27th, AfP convened a meeting of the Mali Affinity Group at AfP headquarters to discuss […]

Women and Peacebuilding Supports U.S. Civil Society Working Group on Women, Peace and Security

July 27, 2016
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The Women and Peacebuilding Affinity Group has dovetailed its efforts with the U.S. Civil Society Working Group […]

Michael Quinn Patton at Alliance for Peacebuilding

On Thursday, July 21 the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium (PEC) was proud to host a conversation with Michael […]

Wielding Nonviolence in the Midst of Violence

Case Studies of Good Practices in Unarmed Civilian Protection By Ellen Furnari (Editor), Institute for Peace Work […]

Multi-Entry Point Approach to the Conflict in Syria

On July 8th, Alliance for Peacebuilding was delighted to host Omar Abdulaziz Hallaj, co-coordinator of the Syria […]

AfP in Baltimore for a Peacebuilding Assessment Training

On Thursday, July 7, the Alliance for Peacebuilding partnered with Catholic Relief Services to host a Peacebuilding […]

8 Key Messages for Next Gen Peace

3 full days of programming. 500 attendees and 153 speakers from 23 countries and 195 different organizations. 49 unique sessions and exhibits on topics as diverse as climate change, trauma healing, electoral violence, race relations in America, storytelling, violent extremism, fragility, systems, technology and evaluation.

Handbook on Human Security: A Civil-Military-Police Curriculum

By Lisa Schirch Today’s security challenges are complex—there are no simple solutions—but the Alliance for Peacebuilding has […]