Monthly Update: Strategic Communications (Jan-Feb 2015)

Over the last three months, the Alliance for Peacebuilding worked with Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Berns, to prepare articles for […]

Monthly Update: Policymaker Engagement (Jan-Feb 2015)

November Peacebuilding in the Central African Republic On November 10th at the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP), […]

Monthly Update: Membership (Jan-Feb 2015)

2015 Annual Conference: Peacebuilding and Democracy in a Turbulent World Issues of governance, legitimacy, fragility, and disenfranchisement […]

Monthly Update: Peacebuilding Evaluation (Jan-Feb 2015)

March 25, 2015
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With new partners and an expanded team, the end of 2014 and the start of 2015 has […]

Mexico Peace Index Report

Institute for Economics and Peace March 19, 2015 The 2015 Mexico Peace Index Report provides a comprehensive […]

Call for Applications: June 2015 Workshop – The Engaged Identity for Leadership, Relationship and Sustainability at the School of Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Spring 2015)

March 12, 2015
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by thecontactproject Leaders, organizations, and communities are increasingly working with greater diversity and difference in conflict rich […]

Community-Driven Initiatives to Engage Armed Groups (Spring 2015)

March 12, 2015
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by Conciliation Resources Accounts of peace talks are full of stories of those who take political risks […]

Post 2015, Goal 16 and Lessons on Indicators: Civil Society Perspectives from the New Deal Work on Indicators (Spring 2015)

March 12, 2015
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by the Civil Society Platform on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding “While the development of indicators within New Deal […]

Contextualizing a Western Mediation Model: “TIKIDOU?” (Spring 2015)

March 12, 2015
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by Nathalie Al-Zyoud, Communities in Transition Western mediation models are based on principles of voluntary participation, impartiality […]

Supporting Dialogue Among the Ukrainian Political and Intellectual Leaders (Spring 2015)

March 12, 2015
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by the Crisis Management Initiative Since gaining independence, Ukraine has remained in transition from its post-Soviet legacy […]