Now is the Time to Support Young Peacebuilders

600 million young people live in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. In many places, young people make up well over half the population. We have an unprecedented opportunity to harness youth efforts toward peace, but only if we combat myths and support the most effective peace actors.

We ignore occupational stress at our peril – Hearts & minds are at stake

In helping professionals — which includes peace and conflict resolution practitioners — there is increasing recognition that workforces are struggling to cope with unsustainable levels of stress.

To Solve Peacebuilding Challenges, Bring in Innovative Ideas from the Tech Sector

By Stone Conroy (State Department) & Jacqui Deelstra (Creative Associates International) In the foreword of a book […]

4 things media outlets do wrong when they cover violent extremism

by Beth Hallowell, Communications Research Director, American Friends Service Committee Reading mainstream media coverage of groups like […]

“We cannot solve the world’s problems with the same thinking that created them.”

By Jennifer Anderson, Global Nomads Group Educator, at Virginia Episcopal School, Lynchburg, VA With the statistics on […]

How Syrian Refugees Transformed a South L.A. School — from 7,500 Miles Away

By Allison Finn, Program Coordinator, Global Nomads Group In April 2015, Global Nomads Group connected Syrian and […]

Basmatna: Leaving Our Impact on the World Through Virtual Exchange

By Allison Finn, Program Coordinator, Global Nomads Group Learn how Global Nomads Group and Qatar Foundation International […]

Consultation Roundtable on Peacebuilding Cost-Effectiveness: Exploring the Research Agenda

Peace and Security Funding Index

AfP is delighted to share with you a groundbreaking report on the state of funding in the peace and […]

Monthly Update: Policy (Feb.-Mar. 2016)

From March 1-3, 2016 AfP and our members collaborated with the World Bank Group to present at […]