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Monthly Update: Communications (July-Sept. 2015)

Central to AfP’s communications during the last two months was the development and execution of a campaign […]

The New Chickenhawks

By Christopher Holshek, Retired U.S. Army civil affairs colonel, is a senior fellow at the Alliance for […]

Peace Makes the Cut

People – Planet – Prosperity – Peace – Partnership by Melanie Greenberg These 5 P’s form the […]

Monthly Update: Policymaker Engagement (Apr-June 2015)

Peacebuilding in Somalia This spring, with expertise from AfP members and partners working in East Africa such […]

Independence Day 2.0: More Democracy Every Day!

By Lisa Schirch, Director of Human Security at Alliance for Peacebuilding; Research Professor of Peacebuilding at Eastern […]

Alliance for Peacebuilding and Peace Direct Host Gulalai Ismail, co-founder of Aware Girls

May 5, 2015
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  On Tuesday, April 21st, the Alliance for Peacebuilding and Peace Direct hosted Gulalai Ismail, co-founder of […]

A Peacebuilding Response to the Challenges in Nepal

April 30, 2015
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For information about the recent events in Nepal and the role of the peacebuilding community in fostering […]

What Strategies Work Best To Give Peace a Chance? Carnegie Spends Big To Find Out

April 16, 2015
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April 13, 2015 Paul M.J. Suchecki It’s tough to assess what strategies for peacebuilding work best, given […]

#PeaceTech Review: A Preview of Promise

April 15, 2015 Christopher Neu The most recent issue of “Building Peace,” a publication of the Alliance […]

CVE/PVE Initiatives and Publications

For details on current and ongoing CVE/PVE Initiatives and Publications please see the Google Doc for complete listings. […]