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Rewiring the Brain for Peace explores one of the newest frontiers of the peacebuilding field, tapping into a resource that has been under-mobilized—the plasticity of the human brain and its capacity to transform forces such as fear and separation, to resist violence, and make conscious change for peace.

Building upon pioneering neuroscience research on how the brain processes fear and violence, the project mobilizes antidotes that empower individuals to develop their awareness and inner capacity for positive change. These antidotes offer hope, meaning, and connection, enabling people to actively participate in a new global mission: building a more peaceful and humane world.  

We are working to support innovative research at the intersection of peacebuilding, neuroscience and spirituality; create easily accessible tools for practice; and use our knowledge to inform broader narratives and social movements around peace.

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We recently presented at the AfP Annual Conference, organizing a high-level panel and a hands-on workshop. We used these platforms to share our knowledge with the peacebuilding community, and were thrilled by the engagement we experienced.

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Learn about the importance of rewiring our brains for peace from Melanie Greenberg and Dr. Béatrice Pouligny, Co-Directors of the project:


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Rewiring the Brain for Peace is currently funded by grants from

the United States Institute of Peace and the George Family Foundation.



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Interested in exploring Neuroscience and Peacebuilding? Join the Affinity Group! Distinct from Rewiring the Brain for Peace, this group is open to all AfP members and selected outside experts. The agenda is set by group members.  The group serves both to educate the peacebuilding community about the new applications of neuroscience, working jointly on particular projects and areas of interest.