Strategic Partnerships

policy and advocacy

Goals Benefits

The challenges of our time require greater coordination and collaboration than ever before. Global conflicts are increasingly complex and persistent, and the international community’s ability to respond is diminished when we work in silos or at cross-purposes. As a network organization, AfP recognizes the power of partnerships and has always worked closely with other peacebuilding platforms, coalitions, and networks, but we are now expanding the scope of our work to include partners from a wide variety of sectors and industries. To that end, the Alliance for Peacebuilding has a Strategic Partnerships program that works to:

  • Increase our members’ impact through integration with other sectors and industries
  • Increase our members’ influence through collaboration with new allies and advocates outside the field
  • Increase innovation in the peacebuilding community through greater engagement with other schools of thought.



For inquiries about partnerships, contact Stone Conroy, Senior Manager for Strategic Partnerships, at